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1) Download and unzip the file, drop the contents in the folder for LspCAD 6 in your PC. (No special key is needed this time.
Build history
LspCAD 6.31 (2006-08-29)
+ Crossover emulator
+ Digital input working (ASIO mode)
+ Int24, Int32 and Float32 support.
+ Security measure to avoid lockups under high CPU load conditions introduced.
+ Crash bugs related to store/recall and also project save/switch solved
+ Complexity of circular convolution reduced somewhat.
+ Excessive memory usage in digital filters fixed.
+ Emulator streaming temporarly stopped when Recall buttons pressed
+ Optimizer
+ Opt switch in groups not saved in project files
+ Store/Recall buttons disabled when optimizer running
+ Store/Recall buttons
+ Recall executed twice by mistake when recall button pressed.
+ Log10 sing error related to the use of GS, DCX, DBXpro and XTA components fixed.
LspCAD 6.30 (2006-06-07)
+ Optimizer
+ Setup of optimization simplified as "optimize with respect to .." setting is removed
+ XO point lock is improved with a lower risk of divergent behavior.
+ Grouped components has a main optimize checkbox option, this makes it
possible to turn off optimization for entire filter sections with just
one operation
+ Crossover emulator
+ ASIO support, possible to select input pair for multi channel input ASIO cards.
+ Emulator was not closed correctly in certain conditions.
+ Emulator is always on top.
+ Noise bursts when R1..R8 buttons used removed
+ Store/recall sets saved at correct locations, for instance if one click on S3 and
save the project the set will be available at R3 when the project is opened again.
+ Possible to set orientation of T/S drivers, side mounted drivers now possible to model.
+ Snapshot, a few bugs fixed.
+ Schema, can be printed with option fit meaning that the schema printout fills the entire paper.

LspCAD 6.20 (2005-11-23)
+ Klippel TS import, Sd, Vas and Mmd was not imported properly

LspCAD 6.20 (2005-11-18)
+ R1..R8 button,
+ Large memory leak problem, partly fixed.
Still some memory leak problem though.
+ Crash problem when used with crossover emulator fixed.
+ Noise problem when used with crossover emulator fixed.
+ T/S parameters, some parameters accidentially optimized even though they was not selected for optimization.

LspCAD 6.20 (2005-11-03)
+ Port resonance frequencies not updated correctly in certain cases.
+ Store/Recall sets, severe bug (program crash) fixed.
+ Buttons/menu picks makes it posible to bring Main form, graph and schema to front, very handy for low resolution monitors.

LspCAD 6.20 (2005-10-11)
+ G(s) G(z) component, Digital phase lineal FIR filter component added, possible to simulate and
export filter coefficients for FIR filters with filter orders 129..4097 with various window options.
Open examples/phase linear digital XO.lsp for an example how this can be used in a
digital phase linear loudspeaker system.
+ Crossover emulator, Variable Causal filter margin, this feature is needed to avoid that crossover
emulator impulse response is chopped off in beginning

LspCAD 6.20 (2005-10-09)
+ Store / Recall (S1...S8, R1..R8) sets saved when LspCAD closed,
reloaded when LspCAD started.
+ Crossover emulator. Impulse response exported automatically to LspCAD folder
when Circular convolution used. Filename of exported coefficients is
LspCAD_6_xo_emulator_1.txt, LspCAD_6_xo_emulator_2.txt etc.
Fileformat is ASCII text format with one coefficient per line.
Impulse response can be used e.g by BruteFIR.
+ Near boundary reflections only case improved somewhat.
+ Horn component
+ Pens saved
+ Loss model improved, possible to use component when simulating transmission lines.
+ Non linear/thermal modeling, warning message displayed when main switch in
settings dialog is not enabled

LspCAD 6.20 (2005-09-27)
+ Digital BiQuad filters (G(s)/G(z) component), Max sample rate increased to 200kHz,
Possible to quantize filter coefficients
+ Bassreflex port, possible to set end correction multiplier to simulate eg port locations close to corners.
+ Polar map computation caused erroneous on axis response for individual drivers in SPL graph.

LspCAD 6.20 (2005-09-23)
+ Severe memory bug fixed, really odd that things worked with this bug, this bug can explain alot of possible program crashes.
+ Size of KHF tool reduced slightly to fit in 1024x768 resolution
+ Warning text displayed if components are connected ie. if:
+ OP amp non-inverting input connected to GND
+ Hot connector of T/S driver connected to GND
+ Active components without buffering connected direct to passive components
The above cases will give wrong simulation results

LspCAD 6.20 (2005-09-20)
+ KHF tool !, a universal tool for merging and adding SPL data.
+ New diffraction simulation , including 2nd order reflections and off-axis behavior.
+ Near boundary reflection simulation .
+ Advanced box simulation mode for closed/bassreflex/passive radiator and bandpass boxes.
This is gives almost the same looks to the box modeling as in good old LspCAD 5!.
This feature works for the boxes defined in the template section.
+ Voltage graph (pro version)
+ Current graph (pro version)
+ Transformer component takes N1:N2 ratio instead of 1:N ratio,
component could sometimes give unstable results (fixed)
+ Schema scroll position unique for every project.
+ Store / Recall (S1...S8, R1..R8) presets completely redone.
This time all components are stored/recalled, it is also possible to change topology between the sets.
+ Last opened project files displayed in the File menu
+ Recompute Mmd/Mms bug fixed.
LspCAD 6.10 (2005-03-31)
+ Optimizer, lockup problem fixed, problem related to imported targets only
+ Snapshot Open and Save As functionality
+ Nonlinear BL(x) and Cms(x) modeling (pro version only) , two options, SWEPT mode or based on PSD.
+ Nonlinear port modeling (pro version only).
+ Store / Recall, all components except Driver / TS driver components have store
recall functionality.
NOTE THAT The store recall sets are not saved with the project...
+ TS parameters, occasional odd values when parameters added
+ Negative angles possible in imported polar response
+ Port component, possible to increase loss
LspCAD 6.00 (2005-02-09)
+ Optimizer, some passive components was accidentally listed several times in the checklist box.
+ Complex impedance component, this component makes it possible to import e.g the measured impedance of an inductor. This can be useful in cases where e.g the skin effect of a real inductor makes the built in inductance model less accurate.
+ Dissipated power over resistors (pro version only). If termal modeling is enabled (see ch 8 in manual) the computed power dissipation in resistors is presented in the component list. Note that for best match with reality it is recommended to import one of the PSD files located in the lib folder as the power spectral density of the music clips has an impact on how the heat is distributed over the components.
+ Store/recall buttons. **This feature is still under construction**. One limitation is that the stores values are not yet saved. Another limitation is that this currently works ONLY FOR passive components. Both limitations above will be resolved in a later build.
LspCAD 6.00 (2005-02-02)
+ Inverting drivers did not have an effect in the crossover emulator + Optimizer, a checklist box is added where one can switch on or off the main optimization switch for passive components (click on the button with caption ">>>" in upper left corner in optimizer dialog to see list)
LspCAD 6.00 (2005-02-02)
+ Inverting drivers did not have an effect in the crossover emulator
+ Optimizer, a checklist box is added where one can switch on or off the main optimization switch for passive components (click on the button with caption ">>>" in upper left corner in optimizer dialog to see list)
LspCAD 6.00 (2005-01-27)
+ Malfunction if projects with G(s) BiQuad components opened (sorry Pat)
LspCAD 6.00 (2005-01-25)
+ Maximum vertical size of main window reduced somewhat (to fit better with 1024x768 resolution)
+ Open project file bug fixed. Bug caused occasional loss of components when project was opened.
+ Number added to beginning in project and TS driver list box to increase readability.
+ Prinout of schemas became a mess of current and previous schemas
LspCAD 6.00 (2005-01-13)
+ Possible to select what cone excursions that should be visible in cone excursion graph
+ Undo button disabled if clicked, there is only one undo level possible after all
+ Possible to get relative y-axis readings if right mouse button is clicked in graph
+ Yet another rare node numbering bug fixed.
+ Red warning circle if components are loaded with passive circuits when the simulation does not allow this,
for instance G(s) components should not be loaded by passive components such as resistors, driver units et.c.
+ Working waveguide component, can be used for horn and possibly also TL modeling.
Also possible to simulate U-frame and H-frame dipole loudspeakers with this component.
+ Possible to simulate dipole loudspeaker (baffle type), does not give a correct off axis response though.
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-12-15)
+ Rare bug when working range changed fixed
+ Main window widened somewhat
+ Termal modeling enable (main switch) in settings dialog
+ Save session option makes it possible to save all open projects in one file.
+ Box load factor can be adjusted in boxload settings
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-12-05)
+ Show component list button working can be used to hide compent list
+ Occasional erroneous underlines/italics in component list removed
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-11-30)
+ Use fc multiplier option in G(s) component did not work properly
+ Printout problem (blank pages) solved
+ Optimize variable Q target, highpass and lowpass Q values interchanged
+ Code prepared for standard version
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-11-22)
+ Uninitialized variable sometimes caused odd behavior, for instance impossible to open settings for passive radiator
+ Warning message if wizard group is ungrouped
+ In TS driver parameter list, offset error caused wrong paramter to be edited when a line was double clicked.
+ Possible to see voice coil inductance only on load impedance
+ Config dialogs are closed when one actively close them or when one open another config dialog
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-11-15)
+ Passive HP/LP filter wizard added (right click in schema in edit mode, select Insert...).
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-11-08)
+ Screen redraw in edit mode made faster
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-11-04)
+ Rare problem with cascaded wire components fixed
+ LSPCAD6WORKINGDIR was not working properly if '" character at the end
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-11-02)
+ Program crash bug related to the use of baffle components fixed.
+ Dropdown list for range setting changed to readonly
+ Extra transfer function offset/enable not saved in project file
+ Scrolling problem and fixed first row in TS parameter list fixed
+ LSPCAD6WORKINGDIR environment variable makes it possible to have another directory than the LspCAD folder as default working directory
+ Baffle diffraction setting for radiation component not saved
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-10-26)
+ Special Win98 SE patch needed to make sure that Settings/Optimizer/Emulator dialog can always be opened.
+ Diffraction analysis error fixed.
+ TS driver Vas got wrong value when fs changed
+ Possible to open .unt files generated in older versions of LspCAD
+ LambdaS (creep factor for Cms) added to list of TS paramters.
LspCAD 6.00 (2004-10-17)
+ USB copy protection dongle operating
+ Wizard for G(s) LP/HP filtrers
+ Color distribution for polar map improved
+ Memory leak fixed. + Clipboard cleared when program closed
+ Default TS values set to (almost) zero.
+ Problem with imported files not in same path as project file fixed.
+ A few typos fixed.

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