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The capacitor

On : 19. Apr 2024 / In : All

A capacitor basically consists of two electrically conductive plates or, in this case, two strips of metal foil insulated metal foil strips that are separated by an insulator - the dielectric - between them. the dielectric. The capacitor is able to absorb and release electrical voltage. The (electrical) size of a capacitor is called capacitance. is called capacitance. It is indicated by the capacitance C (unit of measurement Farad) and is calculated as follows: C = Ԑr-A/d-8.85-10-12 [F]

Ԑr is the relative dielectric constant of the insulator, A is the electrically effective surface area of the plates (in m2) and d is the distance between the plates (in m). From this you can already see that the capacitance can be increased or decreased by reducing or increasing the plate spacing is reduced or increased. The plate spacing and the selected dielectric determine the dielectric dielectric determines the dielectric strength of a capacitor. The dimensions of a capacitor capacitor are therefore determined not only by the capacitance, but also by the dielectric strength (and of course also by the structure). specified. Consequently, the greater the specific value of the dielectric used, the greater the capacitance. capacitance.

Whether a capacitor behaves ideally depends on the on the structure and the materials used. In particular, the winding technology with inductance, the resistance of the connecting wires and their contacting are the cause of the resulting losses. losses that occur. When operating with alternating current (audio signal), the plates are charged alternately. Like the coil, the capacitor also shows frequency-dependent behavior with alternating behavior. At low frequencies, the capacitor represents a large resistance, which becomes smaller and smaller as the frequency increases. If a capacitor is therefore connected in front of the loudspeaker, it receives predominantly higher frequencies. Low frequencies are attenuated. A measure of the quality of a capacitor are the losses that occur during occur during the recharging process. The design of the capacitor capacitor plays an important role.

Because capacitors generate a high resistance at low frequencies which diminishes with increasing frequency, they must be retained in every crossover in order to eliminate the low frequency signals that are useless for the tweeter. useless low frequency signals to the tweeter. Since in addition relatively high currents flow through the capacitor, this is where the the big selection takes place here.

The component in the right place is the guarantee for good sound. sound. The selection of the right capacitor, especially in the signal path, which can convince in terms of sound, is a solvable task for the music lover, because with Intertechnik Audyn a suitable suitable quality range is available. The Intertechnik Audyn-Cap full-foil capacitors with the designation Kp-SN and the absolute top capacitor ATCmax (Audyn True Copper Max) offer a special position.

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