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I.T. Intertechnik Kerpen GmbH Located at Europaring 28, 50170 , Kerpen Germany, . Phone: +490227390840. https://www.facebook.com/Lautsprecherbau https://twitter.com/it_intertechnik https://plus.google.com/111120951705739054145/about https://plus.google.com/102648362843691426793/about https://www.youtube.com/user/lautsprecherbau
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High-end loudspeaker drivers since 1950. Made in Norway
A moving coil loudspeaker consists of relatively few and simple parts, and may be mass produced to serve in applications with moderate demands on sound quality. It may, on the other hand, be designed and produced from higher quality parts using more complicated procedures and incorporating a highly skilled workforce to satisfy even the most critical listeners. At SEAS, we take pride in working according to the highest standard. We put a lot of effort in speaker design, using materials and techniques which give the best audible results even if this leads to time consuming and painstaking production processes. Many critical parts are produced in-house; some of them by special purpose machinery designed and built by ourselves. A biproduct of this approach is that we are quite flexible in complying with the changing needs of our customers. Quality is a key word in every aspect of our activity.
We closely monitor the quality of the parts and materials which we purchase, and the parts and operations made in-house. We use sophisticated equipment and highly trained and experienced personnel to check that our finished products meet their specifications.

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